The San Diego Union Tribune | Editorial Board, September 24, 2020

Proposition 19 is the latest frustrating example of tackling laws on complex topics via direct democracy. After state voters rejected 2018’s Proposition 5, which would have given older homeowners vast new “portability” of their Proposition 13 property tax protections when buying new homes, Realtors got the Legislature to place the more complex Proposition 19 on the fall ballot by adding a provision targeting a Proposition 13 loophole that lets children who inherit homes avoid reassessment even if they didn’t live in the homes. A 2018 Los Angeles Times investigation showed how lucrative and unfair that loophole is, so closing it makes sense. Proposition 19 also directs some of the new revenue generated by the reassessment of homes sold by homeowners older than 55 to firefighting programs, a mix of fire aid and tax law meant to win support.

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